About Us


Business description

Glen Canyon Construction operates as a small general contractor in both Utah and Arizona specializing in unique and challenging projects. Most of our work is acquired through the hard bid process however, at Glen Canyon Construction we are very conscious of the benefits offered from returning customers. For this reason cultivating good customer relationships before, during and after the construction process is of great value to us.

The GCC team believes that excellent listing skills, superior quality in performance and going the extra mile for our customers is key to building the trust necessary for a reputation based on quality and fair business practices.

Executive summary

Brief history of recent performance

Glen Canyon Construction has had a steady growth from a 1 man operation with sales of $42,000 in 2011 to a company with 4 employees and $250,000 in sales in 2013. We learn by doing, by experience. Our projects have consisted of renovations, residential projects ranging from additions, septic systems, fences, patios, shingled roofs and framing to turn key homes. Some of our more notable projects of 2013 are a complete commercial grade septic system and new metal roofs on the High Desert Lodge Motel in Big Water, UT, all the framing, decking and T&G finish woodwork on the Tepee Site at the Amangiri Resort and the construction of a 500 Kw Solar Plant also at the Amangiri Resort. The deck structure and buildings for the Tepee work were performed as a subcontractor for Rim View Builders, however, GCC acted as the General Contractor for the developer/manufacturer Sunpreme, Inc. on the Solar Plant project.

The skill set brought to the table by GCC includes a wide range of self performed work. The old saying, “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” has been taken quite literally at Glen Canyon Construction. Although GCC knows its limitations and leaves specialty construction to the professionals they are also aware that you must succeed in the environment the way that you find it not the way that you wish it to be.

The need for self preservation and continued success in today’s market has driven GCC to continually look for ways to increase their self-performed scope of work. GCC’s research and development efforts to expand their knowledge have opened the door for some exiting methods of construction that have proven to be an invaluable tool in building a broader foundation of self performed work. This results in more direct control over the scheduling and quality of the work performed and keeps the GCC team striving to excel, to learn and to grow not only as a company but as individuals.