Big Water Visitors Center 2001-2002

Big Water Visitor Center Main Entrance
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The Big Water Visitor Center


The Big Water Visitor Center, constructed for the Bureau of Land Management, was a project that Glen Canyon Construction had the pleasure of working on for Cal Wadsworth Construction. The form in the building design was to create the appearance of a fossilized ammonite being excavated, which of course you can only fully appreciate from an areal viewpoint. You can see this demonstrated in the first picture of the slide show to the right. Prior to this project GCC had recently completed construction on the Big Water School Addition for TC Engineering and the Kane County School Board.

GCC bid a Scope of work for the Visitor Center as a subcontractor to CWC and while constructing the project Raymond Rankin acted as the general superintendent for the overall project as well. The scope of work performed by Glen Canyon Construction was: 1.) Installation of the water main supply line and meter to the building; 2.) A 5,000 gal dual tank septic system with an infiltrator leach field; 3.) metal stud framing and; 4.) the entire CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) structure.

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Other aspects of construction performed by the GCC crew in house as CWC employees were: 1.) all of the site drainage/catch basins and associated drainage pipe; 2.) all structural footings, architectural, slab on grade and stamped concrete; 3.) doors and hardware, and 4.) bathroom partitions and accessories. Site excavation, radiant floor heating, structural steel, roofing, EIFS, stone work, storefronts, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, drywall, painting, mill work, tile and carpet were performed by subcontractors many of whom were local 1st time bidders with Cal Wadsworth Construction.

The slide show to the left demonstrates major highlights during the progress of construction. Each slide represents a particular stage in the scope of work in the order it was performed beginning with the buildings foundation concrete.